Digital Transformation for Rural Economic Revolution by Global Parli


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Enroot Mumbai is synonymous with Innovating solutions for social good & it primarily includes solving for Environment, Agriculture, Mobility, Employment, Health & Safety among other domains. 

Before the start of this challenging year of 2020, where we noticed a series of obstacles both locally and globally, we at Enroot partnered with “Global Parli”, which is a flagship project under Global Vikas Trust. 

The bulk of our focus was to bridge the gaps within the organization and its operations by leveraging the power of Technology, Social Media and Design. And therefore, we mapped the day to day flow of activities that Global Parli was conceptualizing and then we poured in robust Technology & aesthetic Design and gave it a frictionless motion to reach its goals. Followed by a powerful Social Media and outreach plan to amplify the work done by Global Parli on a national and international level. 

It was so timely for Global Parli to partner with Enroot Mumbai this year, because of which it could continue its impactful work virtually using technology and the internet at large otherwise it would have been difficult to help the farmers without the digital environment.

Global Parli is a revolutionary movement to transform India through the Rural Economic Revolution started by a renowned social activist Mayank Gandhi with a specific focus on Environment, Economy and 360° development of our farmers & their family. 

A prototype for creating “proof of concept” was made in drought-hit and suicide-prone region of Marathwada in Maharashtra started in 2016. 

The following outcomes have been achieved in 106+ villages by August 2020:

  • Planting 3.2 million trees
  • 360° Rural Development
  • Increasing Farmer Income by ~20 times
  • Increasing Water table and storage with Effective Water Management

Currently, Global Parli works in more than 3,856 villages, covering an area of 31,930 sq km of 4 districts in Marathwada, Maharashtra and 3 districts in Madhya Pradesh in India. 

With this partnership between Global Parli & Enroot Mumbai, our young engineers, ideators, innovators & designers have accomplished the following:

  1. Develop a dedicated portal to provide plantation saplings to verified farmers covering 14.3 lakhs Total Fruits Ordered & serving to over 3,004 Farmers. 
  2. Create a website to mark its online presence
  3. Establish a social media network amplifying the day to day work and events.
  4. Help in organizing online webinars and events to connect all the stakeholders.
  5. Provide a Digital Transformation in day to day operations.

After the success of the proof of concept, Global Parli has started scaling up and replicating the model across other states and regions in India. 

Global Parli intends to work closely with the people in the decision-making process so that the process can be institutionalized and the country can change based on the Rural Economic Revolution model & we as Enroot wish to fulfil these goals.

We look forward to other passionate youngsters to join us in contributing to such a global scale of the project. 
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