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When Mahatma Gandhi quoted “You must be the change, you wish to see in the World” he wanted the common citizens of our country to get into action for initiating an action that would be beneficial for the masses of this Nation.

With the same vision, Enroot Innovation – Mumbai in association with VESAC INDIA organized Ek se Anek, “An Initiative to create awareness & educate people on segregating plastic waste at the root and its proper disposal.” 

It was organized in the form of an Exhibition at Thane Kala Bhavan, Near High Street Mall, Thane. The exhibition was open to public from 7-11th September 2019 from 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM. The exhibition began with a piece of comprehensive information about the 7 different types of plastic & the correct approach to deal with its disposal. Different types of plastic serve different purpose & so is the way to deal with it. Some are recyclable while some are not. Thus, we aim to educate people about the root form of plastic, it’s segregation & disposal.

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Everyone was welcome for this exhibition at no cost. But at the same time, we encouraged everyone to step in by contributing some amount of plastic Waste which we will try to recycle or dispose accordingly. All forms of plastic were collected, be it Milk sachets, Grocery packing, Carry bags, Water bottles, Cosmetic bottles, Oil containers, Pipes, Electrical waste wires, Online shopping packaging, Cardboard, Broken plastic utilities (Tiffin box, jugs, other), Cartoons, Food parcel containers etc.

Any family who donated more than 2kg of plastic waste were rewarded with Stone Art or Warli Art Greeting Card and many more innovative eco-friendly gifts as a token of appreciation towards reducing plastic pollution. 

To educate people about the harmful effects of plastic Menace, we collected 18000+ waste Plastic Bottles donated by several corporate, housing Societies and other organizations.

Enroot Innovation Foundation – Mumbai team created an Art Installation out of this waste Plastic material To showcase the adverse effects of plastic on Marine Life. Along with this art installation, Enroot Mumbai also developed the website for ESA. Our Developers believe that using Engineering principles & building great user experiences, we can act as a catalyst in educating masses to deal with plastic & waste disposal.

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Supporting this initiative we also had a stone painting Competition to promote Arts & an opportunity to paint one’s thoughts on Stones. These stones were painted by NSS Volunteers of Bedekar college, Gyansadhana College & RJ Thakur college. Lodha Grande (Balkum) residents also contributed to the same. These raw stones come from parts of Gujarat & Haridwar.  

To support this event we had a plethora of Eco-friendly products on sale at a reasonable price. And because of all these real-time actions by the Volunteers, the event made it to several Media Coverage

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– Prem Raval 
Corporate Relations & PR Lead

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